Safety & Inspections

We are experienced in performing inspections and services on all makes and models of hydraulic truck mounted cranes in accordance with Australian Standards AS2550.1 AS2550.11 and AS1418.11.

Did you know that the recommended maintenance schedule of your crane is dependant on the manner of application and the regularity of its use?

6/12 Monthly Inspections

Most crane manufacturers recommend vehicle loading cranes be inspected and serviced at 6 or 12 monthly intervals depending on the level and type of crane usage. When inspecting your crane, any necessary repairs will be reported to you with the price of parts and an estimation of labour involved in returning your crane to a safe working condition.   Upon completion, we provide you with a written inspection report and sticker for your crane advising the type of inspection and the date until which it is valid.

10 Year Continued Safe Service Inspections

Many factors need to be considered when assessing an older crane for Continued Safe Service.  Crack testing by a NATA accredited organisation is essential. We then perform an inspection list based on recommendations in Australian Standards.

After Initial Inspection, we provide you with a report advising the cost of parts requiring replacement and an estimation of the labour involved to replace them.

An Inspection report outlining what repairs were undertaken is provided to you along with a sticker for your crane detailing the type of inspection and the date until which it is valid.

Log Books

Did you know that part of your responsibility as a crane owner is performing regular maintenance checks and keeping records to this effect? We are able to supply log books based on Australian Standards to assist you in meeting your workplace health and safety requirements.

Repairs & Spares

At Kev’s Cranes, we are experienced in repairs to all types of vehicle mounted cranes.

Sourcing spare parts for hydraulic cranes can be difficult, especially if the crane is older or a less popular make of crane but we can often help. We have many industry contacts for sourcing both genuine and after market parts. We also sell PTOs, pumps and power packs. Freighting parts to anywhere in Australia is not a problem.

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