Used Stock

We have a high turnover of all different sizes and brands of hydraulic cranes to suit trucks, boats utes and trailers.

If you can not find what you are looking for below, please contact us to see if we have something coming shortly to suit you. Contact us for a quote today.

We can also give you a price on fitting the crane to your vehicle or freighting it to anywhere in Australia.

Fassi F135A.2.23 (2016)(Remote Control)

4450kg @ 2.50m, 2900kg @ 4.50m, 1960kg @ 6.35m, 1440kg @ 8.30m, 1140kg @ 10.35m

Fassi F65A.22 (Remote Control)

2710kg @ 2.00m, 1660kg @ 3.85m, 1090kg @ 5.45m, 835kg @ 7.10m

Hiab 077 B2 Duo

2400kg @ 2.8m, 1760kg @ 3.8m, 1220kg @ 5.4m, 900kg @ 7.2m

Maxilift 300-4

1950kg @ 1.43m, 1150kg @ 2.43m, 770kg @ 3.43m, 580kg @ 4.43m, 480kg @ 5.36m

Ferarri/ATS 330-3

1830kg @ 1.4m, 1090kg @ 2.4m, 775kg @ 3.35m, 600kg @ 4.25m, 469kg @ 5.2m